American Music Award Performances: The Secrets Behind the Songs

Miley CyrusThere seemed to be a lot of emotion going around last night at the AMAs, and it wasn't necessarily just from the award winners.

The stage doubled as a therapist's couch last night, as some of the stars' performances clearly went much deeper than just pure entertainment.

Whether it's a pregnancy celebration or dealing with the parents' divorce, there might have been a bit more in these 7 AMA performances than what met the ears:


Pink: She's definitely raising a glass these days, it's just not filled with booze. The pop star, who recently confirmed that she's pregnant, performed her hit single last night. Raise a glass, indeed.

Christina Aguilera: Even though she's been through some serious personal issues lately, the main thing that cried out from her "Burlesque" performance, taken from her upcoming film with Cher, was Look how awesome my new movie is going to be. You go, girlfriend!

Katy Perry: Her single "Firework" is rocking the charts right now, but it also has a powerful meaning behind it. It's about not being afraid to express who you really are, and not letting anything stop you from having the life that you want. I think it's obvious that Katy is always herself and, with her recent marriage to Russell Brand, just goes to show you can be quirky and still get it all.

Taylor Swift: Oh my god, like, what did she mean with that OneRepublic line thrown in to her "Back to December" song? I totally bet it's because Taylor Lautner refused to accept her apology. Yeah, that's definitely it. Ooor maybe because the song is about an apology? Trust me, the girl has Jake Gyllenhaal in her arms -- right now, she's all Taylor who? Think this one is safe to pass on the dissection.

Rihanna: The talented singer performed a medley of several hits, but the one that stuck out to me was "Love the Way You Lie," which she consistently performs with such emotion. She's such a powerful woman, it's easy to forget the terror that she went through, but once that chorus starts, we're quickly reminded.

Miley Cyrus: Usually we get to see a bit more action with Miley's award show performances, but last night she performed her solemn "Forgiveness and Love." Following her parents' divorce, I can't help but wonder if she was hoping the lyrics would fall upon a certain two people's ears.

NKOTBSB: For you kiddos, this stands for New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys -- the boy bands that we old folks grew up dancing to, long before Justin Bieber was polluting the airwaves. And what their collaboration of several BSB and NKOTB songs said to me was THEY'RE BACK! Watch out, Biebs.

What did you think of these performances? Think there's meaning behind them or that they're chosen just because they're hits?

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