uDraw Game Tablet Is the Perfect Family Gift

udraw game tabletThe following is a post from our sponsor uDraw.

Remember those days of sitting around in a circle with a pad and paper, trying to decipher just what your mom was attempting to draw? Well, thanks to the uDraw GameTablet™, Pictionary™ is back and it’s better than ever before. From the exciting new draw modes such as “Shape It Up” and “Rotation Frustration,” this is your chance to give your kids a taste of your true artistic talents (or lack thereof).


Get ready for some creative family fun with the uDraw GameTablet, which creates a unique and fun way for your whole family to play on Wii™. uDraw Studio, which comes bundled with the uDraw GameTablet, turns the TV into a virtual art canvas, and whether you scribble, doodle, or have a serious interest in art, you can unleash your inner artist using your video game console.

The all-new, action packed Dood’s Big Adventure™ game is also available exclusively for the uDraw GameTablet. Players can draw, tilt, and maneuver their way through 60 fun and challenging levels. Play, draw, create, and share your artwork -- it’s all possible on the uDraw GameTablet.

Will you be adding the uDraw GameTablet to your wish list this year? 

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