Taylor Swift AMA Performance: She Can Actually Sing!

taylor swift

Oh my God. Taylor Lautner must have totally rejected Taylor Swift's apology. Why else would she have added lines from "Apologize" in her AMA performance? That's gotta be what she meant when she sang, “He said it’s too late to apologize, it's too late.”

Or maybe she added it in because it just happens to be a song about apologies and throwing some OneRepublic in there sounded cool. Doesn't always have to be so cryptic people. Since she's cozying up to Jake Gyllenhaal these days, I seriously doubt she's all that worried about last year's fling with the werewolf.

Along with trying to translate each and every verse, critics are also jumping on her vocals, which, at this point, is expected after a Taylor Swift live performance. Usually after an awards show, she's criticized for her less than stellar singing, and I'll admit that I'm usually one of them. BUT ...


On last night's performance of "Back to December," I simply must say, bravo girlfriend. It sounded like it does when I hear it on my iPod every morning (imagine that!), and the little remix was fun and unexpected.

I'm actually a huge fan of her music -- at least her music that's been put through the perfection machine -- but when she sings live, she usually tends to have some weird shaky, nasal-sounding action going on.

But there was no nasal last night and her amazing performance almost made me forget about NKOTBSB. I said almost.

So instead of hating on her songs and trying to decipher her lyrics, can we please talk about something that matters like, how great did her hair look straight?!

What did you think of Taylor Swift's performance?


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