Drunk Girl in Dryer Video: A Serious Case for Sobriety

drunk girl stuck in dryerMany who choose to drink alcohol have done a crazy thing or two after having a little (or a lot) too much, but the girl in this cringe-inducing video likely makes most of those pale in comparison.

Her friends apparently dared her to climb into a dryer -- the kind in which you're supposed to dry clothes.

She gets into it just fine, but it's getting out that becomes problematic.

Just watch:



If you can't stomach the whole claustrophobic nightmare of an ordeal, I'll tell you she does make it out -- ever so painfully -- in the end, losing only her dignity.

But it could have ended badly. I kept waiting for them to have to call the fire department or something.

All I can think when I watch videos like this is: Thank God we didn't have technology like this when I was in college. While I never got stuck in a dryer, there were many moments I would never want to see again ... and especially wouldn't want made available for the entire world to view.

"Dryer Girl," as she'll surely be known, has already had almost 17,000 on her video since it was uploaded a few days ago.

You've got to wonder why she's OK with this. Surely she knows it's there. Why hasn't she demanded it be taken down? Does she actually take pride in it?

Unfortunately, there are plenty other drunk girls and guys doing other stupid things and putting them on YouTube. A quick search shows things drunk girl stuck in a net and drunk girl gets stuck in a chair among the many, many other painful-to-watch videos.

It's hard to know if watching things like this will dissuade others from imitating such idiotic acts or if they'll inspire other crazy drunks to try it for themselves. Hopefully the former, but more likely the latter.

Everyone wants their minutes of fame -- and some booze and YouTube makes them pretty easy to get.

What's the craziest thing you have done while under the influence of alcohol? What would you do if someone put it on YouTube?

Image via YouTube

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