Wesley Snipes, It's Time to Surrender

Wesley SnipesJust when vampires are at the height of trendiness, the star of Blade is headed for the pokey. Oh well. At least he’ll be able to stay out of the sunlight.
Wesley Snipes won critical acclaim for roles in comedies like White Men Can’t Jump, as well as serious roles like Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues and Jungle Fever. More recently, though, he made headlines for bizarre behavior.


His stated reason for not paying $11 million in taxes is that the tax code is unconstitutional, which is part of a larger tax-protest movement whose proponents are frootbats insist the government is oppressing us by collecting taxes.
Hey, I don’t particularly like paying taxes either. But I do like interstate highways, the armed forces, and the Hoover Dam, you know? Plus, $11 million? Which means he had how many more millions that this is just a percentage of? Quit your crying, Wesley, and get off the Randy Quaid crazy-train.

Snipes has a bit of a conspiracy-theory fetish. His latest pet project was supposed to be a movie about former FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, hinting that one of Hoover’s right-hand men was rubbed out when he threatened to expose some bad FBI behavior.
In an odd side-note, one of the people who testified against him was Ken Starr, a social-climbing money-manager who was recently convicted of defrauding a long list of celebrity clients. Snipes’ lawyers claim they should get a retrial because he’s such a shady character, but so far that’s not doing him any good. And no, this isn’t the same Ken Starr that prosecuted Bill Clinton. I thought the same thing and, for a moment, totally bought the conspiracy thing.
Snipes was originally convicted in 2008, and the last of his appeals finally failed. He’ll be serving a 3-year term as soon as he surrenders to authorities.
Meanwhile, a different J. Edgar Hoover project is going forward, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the portly cross-dressing FBI head. Wait, OMG. What if Eastwood had Snipes arrested so he wouldn’t have any competition?
Do you feel bad for Wesley Snipes?

Image via Made In Hollywood/Flickr

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