Boring Movie 'Prequels' That Make Us Laugh

Harry PotterAh, what would we do to get us through the day without those quirky trending topics on Twitter?

Right now, #BoringPrequels is the tweeting rage and it just reminds me of how witty some people are.

How interesting could Harry Potter's life have been in the cupboard before Hagrid came knocking? And I'm willing to bet the summer fling between virginal Sandy and closet nice boy Danny Zuko in Grease was a bit of a yawn.

Check out 15 of our favorite boring prequels:


rachatat: Not Even Close to Famous

ThoseVideoGuys: Horse's, Carts & Ford Model One Automobiles

serafinowicz: Training Private Ryan

MusicByG0G0: Snakes Going Thru Airport Security

doctor_rick: Three Engagements and a Heart Attack

Cedrictheamazin: Bullies of New York

bazecraze: You Guys, We're Down to Like, Five Airbenders

: Harry Potter and the Cupboard Under The Stairs

Vigalondo: Summer Love: Grease: The Beginning

IoNPuLsECaNNoN6: Pinocchio Zero: The Log

da_big_fish: Blacksmith of the Ring

1Click2Fame: Going With the Wind

igoBOOMBOOM: Loving Sarah Marshall

: How Stella Lost Her Groove

UncleWeez: Thursday the 12th

Can you think of any funny ones?

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