Forget Prince William -- 5 Royal Hotties Who Are Single

Prince WilliamDry those eyes, ladies. Just because Prince William is officially off the market (pfft, we didn't want him or his boyish charm and good looks anyway) doesn't mean that our hopes of being swept off of our feet by a true-life Prince Charming are crushed. There are plenty of royal hotties out there who are still single that we can wish upon a star for.

Countries like Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Belgium all consist of wealthy, titled, single guys. Okay, so their countries may be a little smaller than Will's, but as we've said several times before, size does not matter.

Check out the 5 princes that made our hearts skip a beat:


Prince Wenzeslaus: Prince Wenza-a-whatta? Okay, so you may have to keep your last name if you marry this guy, merely for the sake of pronunciation, but he is hot hot hot. As the prince of Liechtenstein, his royal family only governs an area that's approximately the size of NYC's Bronx neighborhood, but he still manages to make headlines for his arm candy (Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima having been one of his most public relationships).

Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein

Prince Harry: Always in his older brother's shadow, now that William is getting hitched, maybe Harry will receive some of his sex appeal. He's definitely no longer that speckled red-head kid -- he's grown up to be pretty darn hot.

Prince Harry

Prince Amedeo: A member of the Belgian royal family, Prince Amedeo spends most of his time here in the U.S. (in NYC to be exact) working for Deloitte, the largest professional services organization in the world. He even ran in the NYC Marathon two years ago. Hot, rich, and an athlete. Now I just gotta find him in this city of 8 million people.

Prince Amadeo

Prince Carl Philip: The Swedish family is stocked with beauty -- hotness definitely floats in their gene pool. Carl Philip is second in line to the Swedish throne, after his sister Viktoria. He's also a lieutenant in the Swedish navy, an avid sports fanatic, and has a graphic design degree. Oh my gawd he is gorgeous.

Prince Carl Philip

Prince Felix: The dashing Luxembourg prince worked as an everyday commoner at a marketing and public relations department of a Swiss sports-related event-planning company, regardless of the fact he is in standing to inherit Europe's second-largest royal fortune. Now that is sexy.

Prince Felix

Which prince do you think is the hottest?


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