Steven Slater Now a Rapper (Should 50 Cent Be Worried?)

slaterRemember Steven Slater? He was the JetBlue flight attendant who had the mother of all breakdowns on a Pittsburgh to New York flight this past summer. Upon landing, Slater announced over the plane's public address system that he was called an obscenity by a passenger, was quitting his job, and slid down the emergency slide he had deployed while at the gate.

Slater was a hero to some and vilified by others. But whatever side of the fence you sit, you have to admit it -- the guy is not boring.

And he still won't let us down. Guess what profession he's taken up now that he's been grounded?


Better watch your back, Fitty ... he's a rapper!

The ex-steward is now a spokesman for the mobile application Line2. A rapping spokesman. So you think that's funny? Well it's funnier than you think. Slater has donned a hooded black jacket and his ride is a bike. (Now, don't be hating Jay-Z!) The venues inexplicably change from an Apple store to an airport to a clothing boutique. But the rap is the key. Slater snarls throughout and spouts lines like this:

Now don't be a hater cuz you never flew ... 500,000 miles in a little tin can ... maintaining forced smiles for the unpleasant man.

And this:

Now I'm pimpin' Line 2 and the killer app it is. My legal fees are paid by the dot com biz.

But this really sums it up:

Climb into the cockpit ... and turn on all the switches. Now you're using Line2. I'm Steven Slater, bitches!

See for yourself:

What do you think of Slater's rapping debut?

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