Sarah Palin vs. 'Playgirl': We Have No Winners Here, People

Hey, I'd forgotten all about Bristol Palin's babydaddy Levi Johnston posing for Playgirl. I guess I figured it was just a rumor or something, but nope, he really is right there on the front of their winter issue in a wildly unattractive pose that makes him look about as sexy as a plate of cold tofu.

Naturally, Sarah Palin has shared her opinion on Johnston's sharing of his ... uh, johnson. In an excerpt from her new book America By Heart, Palin wrote,

It was disgusting to watch as his fifteen minutes of fame were exploited by supposed adults taking advantage of a lost kid. Our hearts broke for him and the price he would pay.

Riiiight. I'm sure her heart was totally broken for poor lost Levi, who clearly cannot help being a giant money-grubbing douche-bucket because he's just a kid.


Playgirl, who probably just should have kept their mouth shut in order to take whatever high road there is in an industry run by penis photos, fired back with both barrels, telling PopEater,

Making Levi, who's an adult by the way, a victim is a fantasy. Much like her bid for the Presidency. It was more disgusting to watch her parade him around the Republican National Convention when anyone with a brain knew he wasn't going to marry Bristol after the election. It was a total stunt. The only "price he had to pay" was child support.

I don't even know who deserves the dubious honor of Worst Behaved in this whole thing. Everyone, including Levi, Palin, and Playgirl, should be bent over someone's knee, goshdarn it.

Maybe the most disturbing part is the relative certainty that Palin saw the whole entire photo spread, if you know what I mean and I think you do. After all, as she told Katie Couric in that 2008 interview, she reads a lot of magazines, you betcha. ("All of 'em, any of 'em that have been in front of me over all these years.")

Image via Playgirl

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