Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! 6 Celebs Who Owe Him a Present

Mickey Mouse BirthdayToday Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 82nd birthday (wow, he looks good for his age!), and more than one celebrity has Mickey to thank for their success.

Before Britney Spears was beating paparazzi with umbrellas, and before Justin Timberlake was starring in a movie about a website, they were dancing and singing on Disney's popular TV show, The Mickey Mouse Club  

Needless to say, they, along with others, owe the mouse quite a bit, and knowing how much these former Mouseketeers make nowadays, Mickey better be getting some birthday presents.

Some ideas:


Justin Timberlake: Long before the N*Sync days, losing his virginity to Britney Spears, and his D**k-in-a-Box skit, Justin Timberlake was a squeaky clean Mouseketeer.
Present: An advanced copy of The Social Network. Mickey has his own Facebook page, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Plus a Porsche, because JT likes swag like that.

Ryan Gosling: Sadly, Ryan considered his time on the MMC to be down-right depressing. "They realized that I wasn’t really up to snuff in comparison with what some of the other kids were able to do."
Present: A card. Mickey made his life miserable, why the hell would he give him a birthday present?

ryan gosling

JC Chasez: Proof that Mickey Mouse spawned N*Sync. I think he's due royalties or something!
Present: A copy of his solo album (hey, he needs all the sales that he can get).

Keri Russell: I didn't even realize that Kerri was a member until a couple of years ago -- even though with young Keri rocking the Felicity curls (only they weren't quite as tame back then).
Present: A vanilla ice cream birthday cake with pink icing. No frills, no drama, girlie, and simple -- like Keri. (And maybe throw in Season 1 of her show so that someone can claim to have watched it.)

Kerri Russell

Britney Spears: Mickey must have prepped this kid well because not many people can return from the depths of pure psycho mode and come back out on top.
Present: A guest spot on Glee. She's got the connections, and how great would a Disney Glee episode be?

Christina Aguilera: We had a sneak peek of what the early 2000s would hold with pint-sized Britney vs. Christina on the MMC. Even at a young age, Christina's singing chops outshone Brit's.
Present: Her wedding ring. She won't be wearing it and I'm sure Mickey can pawn it and make a killing.

Sing it with me now: M-I-C (see ya real soon!), K-E-Y (Why? Because we like you!), M-O-U-S-E.

Do you remember watching any these stars on the Mickey Mouse Club?

Images via downing.amanda/Flickr,YouTube.com, YouTube.com

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