Erin Barry Scandal Can't Top These Other Notorious Splits

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By now we've learned that Erin Barry -- the wife of former San Antonio Spurs player Brent Barry -- is (allegedly) at the center of the divorce between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. As the story goes, Longoria discovered that the two were having an affair when she found more than 100 text messages they exchanged -- all within the last month.

Here's how everyone is reacting to the news: *Gasp!* The horror! How could he? But Brent's a (former) teammate! Judge, judge. Etc., etc.

But really, people? Why are you acting so shocked (not to mention holier-than-thou)? Basketball scandals are nothing new. We should practically be immune to it by now. Don't believe me? Check out these other notorious scandals and splits involving basketball stars:


Kobe Bryant was no stranger to accusations of infidelity during his marriage to Vanessa Bryant; in addition to facing serious allegations of sexual assault, he was also accused of cheating with former Lakers cheerleader Vanessa Curry among others.

Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash was accused of cheating on his wife, Alejandra Amarilla, with singer Nelly Furtado, who called him out in her song, "Promiscuous." (Nash and Amarilla announced their divorce earlier this week.)

Former NBA player and Dancing With the Stars contestant Rick Fox was caught cheating in Hawaii while still married to Vanessa Williams. The two split back in 2004 (but remain good friends!).

Siovaughn Wade -- former wife of Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade -- filed a lawsuit against Gabrielle Union, claiming she suffered "emotional distress" after learning that the two had had an affair.

And, finally, Shaquille O'Neal was accused of cheating on his wife, Shaunie, with Laura Govan.

No doubt there are more -- but I think it's time to cut myself off from "reporting" on such a depressing topic.

Were you shocked to hear about Erin Barry?


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