Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson: Sexy, But Hated in Hollywood

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are one seriously smokin' couple.

Between his nod for Sexiest Man Alive (from People magazine) and her number one spot as GQ's Babe of the Year, everyone in the US and beyond is spending a lot of time imagining this couple in bed together. Everyone but the power couples that weren't chosen, that is.

Let's remember, for every double hot couple, there is one couple who's blaming the other one for their demise. To stay on top in Hollywood, one has to stay hot. And unless you're Scarlett and Ryan, today you aren't hot.

Here are some conversations that went down this morning between the members of the couples not selected:


Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes:

Tom: "This is so annoying. This really ruins my chances of jumping on a couch and pretending to be straight."

Katie: "You are my husband and I love you. I will be quiet now."

Tom: "Maybe if we grow your hair out again and dye it blond? Let's do that. I will call a stylist immediately."

Katie: "You are my husband and I love you. I will be quiet now."

Tom: "This is your schedule today and your new job is to top that list next year without the use of mood-altering drugs. Understood?"

Katie: "You are my husband and I love you."

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson:

Kristen: "I didn't want it anyway."

Robert: "Huh? I wasn't listening."

Kristen: "Fame. It's evil. I will just sit here not smiling in my PJs with my greasy hair. Because I am deep. "

Robert: "Next year, maybe it will be us."

Kristen: "Fame sucks. We are so far beyond this. Sexy is Converse and unwashed hair, right?"

Robert: "Yeah. Whatever."

Sarah Palin & Todd "The First Dude" Palin:

Sarah: "I can't believe there is a contest I lost. You better believe I'm going to march right over to GQ and tell them my boobs are better."

Todd: "Yes, honey! They are."

Sarah: "Because this is America doggone it. And I don't want to be objectified, but I did pose in my shorts. My legs are so much hotter than hers."

Todd: *Bowing his head* "Care for some tea?"

Sarah: "Scarlett is like a chihuahua in Bonne Bell lip smackers. I am going to fight this decision."

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie:

Angelina: "Maybe if I had adopted one more orphan."

Brad: "Maybe if I had taken a shower."

Angelina: "My God. Do you think it's our age?"

Brad: "Do you think it's the fact that I don't shower?"

Angelina: "We had our day. Honey, I am going out for a bit. I will either come home with a younger man or another baby."

Brad: *Lighting a smoke* "Huh?"

It's been a rough morning in Hollywood, to be sure. But there is hope for these sad couples. In light of everything else, it's best to put your money on Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston for next year. 

Do you think Ryan and ScarJo deserve all the attention?


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