Countdown to 'Deathly Hallows'; 6 Magic Movies to Watch While You Wait

deatlhy hallowsHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 -- so close and yet so far away as the minutes slowly tick by in the countdown to its opening in theatres everywhere this weekend.

The mostly positive reviews from critiques have upped the anticipation even more, leaving fans frantically pacing ... if they're not already camping outside the theatre.

If you haven't left yet, but need a fix of magical wizarding ways to tide you over until then, here's a list of six movies that might help:


The Lord of the Rings

There's a whole trilogy full of dwarfs, elves, and wizards to keep you occupied. Some say it's even better than the Harry Potter series -- what say you?

Lord of the Rings


This flick tells the story of one of the most notorious wizards of all time -- Merlin -- whose name was known long before Harry Potter's.



A good one for younger wizard fans, this Disney film also features a young sorcerer as its hero. The special effects are amazing.


Conan the Barbarian

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan battles an evil sorcerer in a fantasy world to avenge his parents' death.

Conan the Barbarian


For a kinder, gentler wizard movie, Willow delivers. There's still plenty of magic and monsters along the way as Willow, a sorcerer's apprentice, saves the princess baby.


The Wizard of Oz

Not in quite the same vein as the Potter films, but no good list of wizard movies would be complete without the old fraud himself.

Wizard of Oz

What are you favorite magic/wizard movies?

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