Banned Beyonce Ad: Too Racy for TV?

Beyoncé's new Heat fragrance commercial is too steamy for daytime British television, according to the Advertising Standards Authority. After receiving a number of complaints about the racy ad, the ASA ruled it can only be aired after 7:30 p.m. in the U.K., when children are less likely to see it.

The commercial features the singer reclining seemingly nude in a bathtub running her hands over her body, then prowling her way down a hallway in a dress that constantly threatens to reveal every detail of her shiny, shiny breasts.


In a statement about the ban, the ASA said,

Although we considered that the ad was unlikely to be harmful to adults or older children, we considered that Beyoncé's body movements and the camera's prolonged focus on shots of her dress slipping away created a sexually provocative ad that was unsuitable to be seen by young children.

I don't personally get too worried about commercials affecting my kids because right now they really only watch DVDs or PBS/Nick Jr. shows that don't have advertisements (we are still firmly mired in the Curious George/Yo Gabba Gabba stage in my house). But having checked out the Beyoncé ad for myself, I think I would, in fact, be a little taken aback to see it in the middle of the day. I wasn't really shocked by the bathtub part, but once she started pawing her boobs and I kept thinking a greased-up nipple was going to come flying out ... well, yeah. It's a little much.

I decided to ask my friends on Twitter what they thought about the commercial, and here's what people had to say:

Normally I don't get too sensitive about stuff like that but dude, if (my son) saw that during the day I'd be PISSED.

It's over sexed up.

Wow. Yeah. I'm ok with it being banned during the day.

It seems like the kind of programming (it aired during) would matter more than the time of day.

That's a bit too much boobage for daytime TV.

If we could ban the erectile dysfunction ads from evening tv, i'd be willing to ban this from daytime TV.

It's not any racier than the soap operas it would air during. Perhaps not appropriate for PBS.

I'd have to say yes to a daytime ban. All that sweat is unsettling. I wish she was heading off to the shower.

(And the response that made me LOL ... )

I'd only be upset because I'd have to pull my pants up so quickly. Porn, like sex, is best during the day.

Want to see the ad for yourself? You might want to close your office door first, but here you go:

What do you think? Too sexy for TV?

Image via YouTube

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