Eva Longoria Divorce Not Happening ... Yet?

Eva Longoria and Tony ParkerThe world was in shock earlier today when TMZ reported that Tony Parker had filed for divorce from Eva Longoria. Or at least the world that follows celebrity news anyway.

Not that divorce in Hollywood surprises anyone, but they seem so happy, always so lovey-dovey in public, and they were just talking about adopting a baby from Haiti. How could this be true?

Well, it isn't apparently. It was just a big rumor.

From TMZ:

TMZ reported that Tony had filed for divorce. Two clerks at the Bexar County Courthouse in Texas had told us the case was filed and sealed by a family law judge.

But Eva's rep tells us Tony did not file and does not even have a divorce lawyer.

Another clerk at the courthouse now tells us she's in charge of sealed cases and says no such case has crossed her desk.

So apparently, they're together ... for now.


Unfortunately, when rumors start circulating, there's often some truth to them somewhere that eventually surfaces ... and sometimes surpasses initial rumblings.

Remember those first rumors about Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel that the National Enquirer reported? Yeah, well, like I said, sometimes rumors are a hint at something MUCH bigger to come.

Other times rumors ARE just rumors, and hopefully that will be the case for Longoria and Parker.

In the interest of thinking positive, here are some other couples who have been the subject of divorce rumors in recent memory who are still together ... for the time being anyway:

Todd and Sarah Palin

Rumors have run rampant since Sarah left the governor's office that she and Todd were leaving each other. They deny any major marital discord and say they laugh about the erroneous reports.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Speculation of their impending split has kept coming. While they have admitted to some bumps in their relationship, they remain together and appear happy.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

It's almost like people want them to split up, there's so much speculation about their problems. But together the beautiful couple remains. They even won a lawsuit against a tabloid that said their marriage was over. Take that!

Let's hope Eva and Tony are able to prove the rumors wrong too.

Which celebrity couple would you be most shocked/saddest to see divorce?

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