National Unfriend Day Discriminates Against the Unpopular

jimmy kimmelIt's all fine and good for Jimmy Kimmel, William Shatner, and Lisa Kudrow to mockingly endorse the idea of "National Unfriend Day" -- a pretend holiday in which Facebook users go through and trim the fat from their friend lists -- i.e., delete those people they don't truly consider "friends."

But for someone like me who only has 149 Facebook friends to start with, dropping friends off the list is very serious business!


Kimmel and friends maintain that it's ridiculous to pretend that it's possible for one person to have thousands of friends and (in some pretty hilarious videos below) recommend weeding out those acquaintances you'll never really hear from again as well as old classmates that you never liked in the first place.

But if I did this, I would have only 17 friends left -- tops -- including blood relatives. Why does Jimmy Kimmel want me to be unpopular?

He says we'd all be better off eliminating people who aren't really our friends. But I need to read posts from this girl from high school who last week blasted that only five out of the 328 people we graduated with are (ugh!) unmarried and I was included in the bunch. I live to hear how much laundry this girl who I'm not sure but I'd be willing to bet used to babysit for me when I was little has each day. And how else would I see photos of my neighbor's son's new girlfriend's puppy?

Why would someone endorse taking this away from me? Frankly, I think the whole concept is discriminating against losers and dorks just like me.

Here's JM and William Shatner announcing the holiday:


Later, Lisa Kudrow chimes in, too:

National Unfriend Day is Wednesday, November 17.

Would you be my Facebook friend? Serious question: Are you going to partake in National Unfriend Day?

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