'Glee' Star Jayma Mays On Racy Photos & Giant Cookies

jayma mays gleeJayma Mays, Glee's guidance counselor with issues, is even more adorable in real life. Probably because she gave me a cookie, but mostly because she enthusiastically embraces causes like Cookies for Kids' Cancer while cracking wise about Will Schuester. 

I sat down again to talk to the lady who may always be known as Emma, as her bake sale goes live and she competes against Twilight's Peter Facinelli and the fantastic Joan Cusack for the pediatric cancer charity.

While plying me with homemade peanut butter, chocolate, and butterscotch chip cookies, and convincing me to join Team Jayma, I also checked in with the star about her new status in Hollywood and all things Glee.


Glee did so well in its first year and at the Emmys. Do you feel like a Queen Superstar?

Now that you say it that way ...  

I don’t know if I’ve let it all hit me. I’m very excited to be a part of the show, and I realize the show is very successful. But I don’t know if the crazy stardom of it has hit me.  

Are you going to be doing a sexy GQ photo shoot like your cast-mates?

I’ve decided to do something in Knitter’s Weekly or Sea Bass America. I’m going to do a photo spread with my knitting needles.

You did get really hot with the Rocky Horror episode.

We pushed the limits for Emma! She took off that cardigan, boy, and she danced around.

Do you think Glee is getting too racy for the 8 p.m. slot?

I don’t think so. There are a lot of shows on at 8 o‘clock that are as racy as our show. I think it’s up to the parents to determine whether or not their kids are mature enough for it, or if they want to watch it with them and discuss what’s going on. We’re still a show full of heart and singing and dancing and trying to send out a good message.

It seems like that’s what you’re doing here as well.

I don’t always feel like I’m Emma in my real life, but this is great. I feel lucky to be part of this organization and bake sale.

How are you doing in the bake sale challenge?

Good. I think. Good. We’re really pushing people to join Team Jayma and donate and buy cookies and start their own bake sales. I have faith in the Gleeks. We’ll see if the Gleeks come out of the closet.

Do you have a personal reason for working with Cookies for Kids' Cancer?

I can thankfully say no. I don’t have anyone in my family or any friends that have been diagnosed with cancer. I’m very fortunate to be able to say that. When they approached me and I read the statistics, it really hit me. Particularly that cancer is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 18, and 46 children are diagnosed with cancer every day. One out of five of those children won’t survive. It’s so heart-breaking for me and I feel like it doesn’t get enough awareness. We need to raise funds for pediatric cancer research so we can find new treatments and new cures. These kids need it. We need more money!

Do you have a specific goal?

The GLAD to Give program is involved and they’re willing to match what people make at their bake sales up to $200,000. The goal is to get the number up as high as we can and get GLAD to give the limit. Let’s do it!

How else do you want to inspire people to give to Cookies for Kids' Cancer?

If I win I will make one gigantic cookie. I’m not even kidding, I’ll do it.

Are there any issues you want to see Glee cover that are important for kids?

I feel like the writers cover so many things and they cover it so well, I wouldn’t dream of trying to throw in my own idea. But I do love that we have a gay character on the show and that his father is supportive, and he’s confident and people like him. He’s not really considered that much of an outcast. I love that character and it’s such an important role model to have for other kids.

Are there any artists you’re dying to see on Glee?

I think the ultimate would be Cher. I feel like we need to do a Cher episode and get Cher to come on the show. As soon as I’m done with you, I’m going home and starting my Facebook campaign for Cher.

Emma’s relationship is so healthy this season. What does the future hold?

Thank you for asking it that way, because everyone is always so angry with me! I think Will fans are out there.

I think it is a good, healthy relationship for Emma to have. I think she has a few issues that she’s been dealing with from Season 1. I think his wild and carefree ways are really good for her. I don’t even think she would have done that Rocky Horror piece without Dr. Carl. But I do foresee some shocking things about to happen with Emma’s life.

Is Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester on Glee) as good looking in person?

He’s a very handsome man. He’s dreamy. I think that’s the way to describe him. He’s from another era and very dreamy.


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