Did Prince William Make Kate Wait Too Long?

Kate MiddletonSometimes you take hope where you can get it. Kate Middleton has been waiting so long for Prince William to propose that the British press had nicknamed her "Waity Katie." And in case you've been hiding under a rock today, the news is out: she got her ring.

So if you've been waiting for your boyfriend to propose, dragging him by jewelry stores just to ooh and aah over the princess cut diamonds, and loudly announcing each time another friend gets a ring, have heart.

The prince and his commoner have technically been dating since 2001. That's nine years -- almost as long as I've been married.

It's long, but I've heard worse. One woman I know waited 20 years before they'd even moved in together. I've lost track of them, but I don't know whether they've tied the knot in the meantime.


If you think that's bad, then add to that the fact that the average engagement lasts 16 months. That's another year and a half on hold. No wonder every magazine in the grocery store checkout line sports some version of "how to get him to propose" on the cover.

At the minimum, relationship experts suggest a nine-month courtship before a marriage proposal is floated. But anything after that is really up to the person popping the question.

You can go with statistics: the average age an American woman is on her wedding date is 27. Or a mathematician might have the answer for how long you'll have to wait around. Anthony Dooley claims guys should determine the oldest age they would want to be married by and label it N. Then they need to decide the earliest age they'd settle down and call it P.

Subtract P from N, and multiply the result by .368. Now add that number to P. Whatever you come up with is supposed to be the ultimate age he'll propose. Subtract his current age from that, and you'll see how long you have to wait.

Or you could just be bold and ask him yourself. Your time is valuable, and your eggs are a ticking time bomb. If you don't want to be a Waity Katie, you have the power to change it. If he says no, what's the worst that can happen? You'll have to wait longer to get hitched ... which is more or less what you're doing anyway.

How long would you wait around?


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