Prince William Engagement: Is He Marrying His Mom?

Every women wants to be Kate Middleton today, but there is one woman who will unfortunately never get to know the princess-to-be: Prince William's mother.

Princess Diana, the beloved, gentle royal, died in a car accident in 1997.

Prince William, who was reportedly very close to his mother, will never get the chance to introduce his betrothed to his mother, but the two do share many similarities -- and marked differences, as well.

Many of us who were close to our parents (or who were not) both consciously and unconsciously seek a partner who reminds us of our parent, especially when we lost that parent young. But Middleton is not exactly like Lady Di. She has both similarities and some glaring differences.

Here are Some Differences and Similarities:


Ways they Are Similar:

  1. Charity: Both Middleton and Diana are very charitable. Lady Di was famous for her work with orphans and Middleton is closely associated with the Starlight Children's Foundation, a children's charity that provides entertainment to sick kids.
  2. Physically: both have the same build -- tall and thin. Middleton is 5'10" while Lady Di was the same.
  3. Purity: Neither Di nor Middleton had controversial backgrounds and the Spectator magazine once commented that she 'may still have her V-plates intact' ie, still be a virgin. Still, that is unlikely given the two cohabitate.
  4. Socially: Both Lady Di and Middleton were well-liked in school and athletic. Both were reported to be warm and open and sociable.

Ways They Are Different:

  1. Hair color: Obviously Lady Di was a blond while Middleton is a proud brunette. Where Lady Di was often coiffed to perfection, Middleton is a bit more fashion-conscious and wears her hair long and wild.
  2. Title: Middleton is a commoner with wealthy parents, but she is not a "Lady."
  3. Personality: Lady Di was famous for being shy while Middleton, who walks catwalks in bikinis, is anything but. "He is lucky to be with me," she once reportedly told a friend of William.
  4. Attention: Lady Di hated attention and shied away from it while Middleton is said to enjoy it and be comfortable in the spotlight and in front of the camera.
  5. Age/Education: Lady Di was 19 when she married Prince Charles, William's father. By contrast, Kate, at 28, is nine years older than Diana was. She also has degree in art history.

Difference wins! Needless to say, the Prince does indeed seem to be lucky. Middleton seems like a great catch -- and a lovely one at that.

Hopefully they will live a long and happy life together. And if they don't, the tabloids will have a lot of future fodder.

Do you think they are similar?


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