Kate Middleton Faces Pregnant Pressures

Kate MiddletonPoor Kate Middleton. She may be marrying Prince William next year, but this 28-year-old is already on womb watch. Like her fiance's mom, Princess Diana, before her, Middleton is going to be pressured to get pregnant. It's a princess' duty, after all, to produce an heir.

And where the grandchild-hungry grandparent is a popular archetype on TV sitcoms, they have nothing on an entire nation begging for someone to carry on their traditions.

Yes, she's engaged to the world's most eligible bachelor (and a sexy one to boot), but it's hard not to feel squicked that people have spent the day debating her virginity and how long it will be before she's knocked up.


They want a "pure princess," but they want a salacious bit of juice about an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. You can't have it both ways, England.

Nor can you expect your new royal to be the new "people's princess" if you're already pushing on her the same stultifying life of her late mother-in-law. Diana was reportedly miserable being caught up in doing everything the royal family expected of her rather than making some of her own choices. Perhaps giving Middleton, a college graduate with actual work experience, a little say in when and even if child rearing will happen would ensure a happier royal.

Someone on the news this morning actually bet Middleton will be so bored at her new castle out in North Wales that she will have nothing to do but make babies. Lots of babies.

Can you imagine someone saying that about your daughter? Especially before marriage?

A baby born before a wedding has been shown to increase the risk of divorce by as much as 24 percent. And the pressure to get pregnant isn't just invasive, chauvinistic, and inappropriate (as if all of that isn't bad enough?), it could be counterproductive. Scientists have found real evidence that there's a link between stress and infertility.

Will people back off of Kate's belly?


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