Rude Rihanna Necklace: Did Any Kids See What It Said?

What a sweet photo of Rihanna posing with a bunch of starry-eyed young fans outside her New York hotel over the weekend! Just look at those kids, clearly thrilled to be seeing the famous songstress in the flesh. Ah, I bet they took in every detail—her funky bright hair, that dazzling smile, the solid gold necklace spelling out a secret little message for those close enough to enjoy it in person: "Fuck you."

Uh, wait. Damn, Rihanna, some of those kids are, like, elementary school age. That's just cold, girl.

Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she wasn't planning for an underage photo op when she got dressed, but what's a necklace like that all about, anyway? Is it something meant for intrusive paparazzi and their zoom lenses? Or is Rihanna just that hardcore?

Well, in case she's looking to go the Lindsay route more often, I've got her covered. Here are a few more items she can add to her collection of Incredibly Rude Jewelry:


Nothing says romance like the combination of gold, diamonds, and those two little words every girl longs to hear.

You start with "navel ring" and you end with "fuck you." This thing's just dripping sheer class. (Also, a dermal infection caught from the stripper pole.)

Sometimes you have to be colorful, in more ways than one.

I'm not really sure where this body piercing goes, but once it's in, everyone will understand exactly how you feel: filled with regret. Er, I mean: SO punk.

What do you think about Rihanna's necklace? Fashionable or just a bad choice?

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