Tomorrow's Big iTunes Announcement: Top Juiciest Apple Rumors

Thanks to the above teaser running on, tech pundits everywhere are whipped into their usual frenzy over what Apple's big announcement might be. We know it involves iTunes, of course, but ... well, what ABOUT iTunes? What could possibly make tomorrow a day that we'll never forget?

The famously tight-lipped software giant (they really don't mess around, lost prototype phones in bars notwithstanding -- when I worked in the Mac software industry, the manager of Apple retail stores once told me he got the announcement about new products the same day everyone else did) isn't dropping any hints.

Naturally, that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from grinding away. Here are a few top guesses for what tomorrow's 10 a.m. EST announcement will be all about:


Apple has of course long been rumored to be moving to a cloud-based iTunes where users' music would be stored on Apple's servers and streamed to a variety of Internet-connected devices. Apple has also been rumored to be working on a subscription-based music service that would complement the existing pay-per-download service. — Mac Rumors

It's safe to assume that this development is going to center around Apple's iTunes storefront, possibly introducing new commerce models (music rentals?) or social integration. Or, you know, The Beatles. — TUAW

Streaming appears to be where the smart money lies for tomorrow's announcement. —

Of course Apple has a history of revealing things that are truly unforgettable without much advance notice. Whether it be a new line of iPads, news of a Verizon (VZ) iPhone, or something we have yet to fathom, Apple has shown us enough over the years to make sure we’ll be watching. — Appolicious

My guess is an iTunes streaming service. We can already rent movies, so why not pay for an all-you-can-eat music subscription service, like the amazing Spotify we already have over in Europe? Apple has its giant data center, and although it doesn’t look finished, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fully armed and operational. Or maybe, just maybe, Apple has invented a new version of iTunes that doesn’t suck. — Wired

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1. Updated icon, 2. Subscription based offering, 3. Finally get Beatles collection added to library? I would prefer AC/DC instead, 4. Porn — my husband, via email

What's your best guess for the iTunes announcement? Do you think it'll really be a day we'll NEVER FORGET?

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