New Maru Video: The All-Time Coolest Cat!

Maru the CatMaru the cat likes boxes and wants to be in a box.

Maru will try any box, no matter the size or the shape. He's one determined cat we could all take a lesson from when it comes to not giving up on what we want. Check him out:


Even if you're not a feline fan, you have to admit Maru is a cool cat.

The above is his latest video, but since he hit the Internet a few years ago, he has developed quite the following. His Facebook page has more than 12,000 fans, and his book and DVD I Am Maru have been published in Japan.

Here are a couple of other Maru videos that will make you wish you had a cat just like him.

Here's an older one in which he tries to jump through a box.

This one in which he gets a paper bag stuck on his head is hilarious:

You can check all of his videos on YouTube where his owner posts under the user name mugumogu.

Is Maru the coolest cat you've ever seen? What funny things does your pet do?

Image via Facebook

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