Take the Social Media Sobriety Test Before You Drink and Tweet

OMGz you guys that lsat martooni was soo dirty with exxxtra olive lmfAAOOOO!11!

Ah, let's check the time stamp on that tweet—yes indeed, 2:21 a.m. Classic.

I think most of us have enjoyed the drunken online ramblings of at least one friend who spent a little too much time cozying up to a glass (or five) before letting their fingers do the talking, but of course there are some troublesome outcomes to drinking and posting. Such as, for instance, deciding it's a fine time to announce to the world that your boss likes to perform fellatio on Pomeranians.

Luckily for those who have trouble with the heady mixture of alcohol and online publishing, there's the Social Media Sobriety Test.


Similar to Google's 'Mail Goggles' Gmail add-on that makes you solve math problems before you're able to hit send on that wine-soaked email to your ex, the Social Media Sobriety test forces you to prove you're in full command of your senses before typing a tweet.

Try and log into Facebook or Twitter while failing the Sobriety test, and the plugin will deny your access, or in some cases, will even publish a "YOURNAME is too intoxicated to post right now" update for you. You'll avoid the embarrassment of typing something you'll regret later, but everyone will know how drunk you were anyway!

Still not sure how it works? Please enjoy this short yet entertaining commercial.

(Heh. "Your baby has a big head!")

I for one applaud the folks at Webroot for coming up with this clever idea, but I hope it doesn't become as ubiquitous as the social media sites themselves. I'd miss those occasional 2 a.m. gems, wouldn't you?

Image via OceanCreep/Flickr

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