Chord Overstreet Declines 'Playgirl' Offer and He's Not the Only One

chordGlee's Chord Overstreet rejected an offer to appear in Playgirl, even though it didn't require that the young hunk show absolutely everything. It's rumored that Playgirl plans to approach all of the Glee hotties with up to $100K in incentive to take it off.

On the other hand, Kanye West offered up his naughty bits without being asked -- and was turned down. Remember that pic of his boy stuff that was intentionally accidentally circulated? Turns out he initially solicited it to Playgirl editors and was politely rebuffed.

Ouch. Double ouch. That's gotta hurt.

Chord isn't the only celebrity who reportedly refused to bare all for Playgirl fans to ogle:


Mario Lopez declined. The ex-Saved By The Bell and Dancing With The Stars contestant turned his nose up at a whopping $200,000 offer.

Larry Birkead, Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy, kept it zipped.

Spencer Pratt, famewhore, also refused. (Although I really find this one hard to believe.)

Former Bachelor and DWTS contestant Jake Pavelka shook his head at the offer. (Am I the only one who hasn't been on DWTS? I must be.)

Actor/musician Jared Leto gave them the brushoff. (Jordan Catalano would have said yes -- I just know it.)

Adorable country artist Brad Paisley claims that Playgirl asks all of the Nashville stars to pose in the buff. Guess he doesn't feel all that special.

And in the Who Cares? department:

Donny Osmond. Really?

Sebastian Bach from Skid Row. Maybe 20 years ago. Maybe.

Jon Gosselin. He turned down a $20,000 offer. (Can that be considered minimum wage in this arena?)

And on the flip side, what celebrities other than Kanye has the website nixed?

Sadly for Kanye, he's the only one on record.

Triple ouch.

Who would you like to see pose in Playgirl?


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