Joel McHale Chats About Kids, 'Community' & 'The Soup'

Joel McHaleJoel McHale has us rolling with laughter on shows like Community and The Soup (a personal favorite of mine), and somehow he managed to take time out of his crazy busy schedule between his two TV jobs, stand-up, and family life with his wife and two sons to chat with a few of us mom bloggers about his shows. 


Immediately after reading the script for Community, Joel knew that it was something special.

I read it and it was by far the funniest thing I had read in years and Dan Harmon, the creator, is a mad genius. I was on a plane reading it and was laughing out loud to the script, and the guy next to me was watching the movie What Happens in Vegas. So he was getting mad at me because I was laughing so loud and interrupting his romantic comedy. I thought that was probably a good sign.

His favorite episodes are the ones where he gets to act out boyhood fantasies, such as the ''Zombie'' and ''Modern Warfare'' episodes: "I got to imitate Bruce Willis so there was that kind of a fantasy. It was so much fun."

But before Community came about, Joel spent most of his working hours writing and hosting The Soup, which pokes fun of celebrities and reality TV (which, as you may know, I enjoy doing myself). Nowadays, with time constraints, he really only has time to edit but still manages to fit a few of his own jokes in. So which celebrities are his favorite victims?

It's such a moving target because the landscape of television changes relatively fast as far as shows' popularity. I mean for awhile we really like making fun of Bachelor Pad and Jake Pavelka on the Bachelor Breakup Special. Whoever pokes their head up over the loud ding that is Hollywood. If you are doing something so egregious that everyone is noticing you, then yeah, we're going to make fun of you. But I think the all-time combination of those things was the show.

When he's not cracking his own jokes, he's laughing at his train-centric 5-year-old Eddie. Turns out, comedy runs in the family:

Well this is really, really gross, but I'll tell a little something about comedy. When Eddie was 1 (he's now 5), he was running around the house naked and he farted and burst out laughing. It was then that I was like "Oh, Eddie's got a sense of humor." He found that funny and I think that's some sort of weird, very basic building block.

So what can we look forward to for this week's episode, which airs tonight on NBC (8/7c)?

There is a theft and different people are being accused of it. And it was -- gosh, it was fun to shoot. It all took place in that one location and I will give you a little spoiler: There is a puppy parade during that episode that is occurring outside and it's driving everyone nuts that they can't go see the darling puppies.


Are you a fan of the show Joel McHale and Community?

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