Demi Lovato: Officially in the Running for Having Worst Hollywood Dad

What IS it with these bottom-feeder Hollywood fathers taking advantage of the media attention on their troubled daughters? First we had Michael Lohan, Famewhore Extraordinaire, and now we've got Demi Lovato's dad Patrick running his talk-hole to anyone who will give him the time of day.

In response to shut-your-mouth-about-your-kid requests from Disney lawyers and Demi's mother, Patrick said,

This is the United States of America, I can talk anytime I want to.

How ... patriotic. *salutes flag, confusedly*

Incredibly, Lohan and Lovato are even dueling now. Michael Lohan, without any apparent sense of irony whatsoever, told PopEater:


There are two reasons why I have no respect for people who talk or comment about others. First, it's because, in most cases, those individuals are looking from the outside in, and they are passing judgment or commenting on people they know nothing about. The second reason is because they are too cowardly to say it to the person themselves.

Michael Lohan's definitely a special kind of demented, but Lovato may just have him beat. The estranged dad just sold a bunch of Demi's childhood photos to, including the creepy plea:

I want my little partner back, I want Demi to come back to me.

Um, yeah. I don't think that's the way to go about it, freakshow.

I wonder if it ever occurs to these people that there might be some sort of connection between their behavior and their kids landing in rehab.

What do you think, are they ever going to get a clue?

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