RockMelt Is (Almost) Here & Social Media Addicts Rejoice


Think about it. When you get online, what's the first thing that you do? Check email? Update your Facebook status? Read articles from your favorite website (such as The Stir!)? Well, that's the idea behind a new web browser called RockMelt, which combines search and social media.


It's been dubbed as "The Facebook Browser" because it allows you to constantly be linked to your Facebook friends, giving you the ability to drag-and-drop content onto their Facebook walls, send them an instant message, or view their status updates.

It makes the whole browsing experience a social interaction -- which we ultimately do anyways, but currently have to go through various tabs in order to do so. RockMelt just brings it all together. No more copy-pasting, no more tiny urls. It's all been built into your browser.

If this way of searching seems familiar (Google Chrome, anyone?), it's because RockMelt is built on Chromium, which is the open source project behind Google's Chrome browser. The major differences are the columns running down both sides of the browsers -- your Facebook friends on the left and your bookmarks on the right.

It's currently only available in limited beta, but you can request an invitation, which, according to the company's website, should take a few days.

This sounds like a pretty cool way of browsing, and I'm eager to check it out once it goes public. The way we interact on the Internet has tremendously changed, so it only makes sense that the tools we use change with it.

Do you think you'd enjoy using this web browser or do you plan on sticking with Google?


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