10 Most Kissable Celebrity Lips

angeline jolie

When it comes time to name celebrities with the most luscious lips, of course one person automatically comes to mind: Angelina Jolie. Her sexy pout is well-known the world over.

But there are lots of celebrities with beautiful kissers -- you just wouldn't know it because Ms. Angelina here is always stealing the show. But that's about to change. Lip discrimination ends now as we present: The 10 Most Kissable Celebrity Lips.







Aishwarya Rai -- the former Miss World and Bollywood star of Bride and Prejudice -- is one of the most gorgeous women in the world. One of her many, many striking features: Her soft, full lips.

aishwarya rai


You probably weren't focusing on Tom Hardy's marvelous mouth during Inception; but now you can.

tom hardy


Practically perfect Jennifer Garner has a practically perfect pout, too!

jennifer garner


Oh hello, Hot Lips. I mean, Taye Diggs.

taye diggs


Whoever said it's impolite to stare obviously never saw Michelle Williams' lovely lips

michelle williams


Matt Damon's magnificent mouth gets us every time.

matt damon


Here's a picture of perfection -- Megan Fox channeling Angelina Jolie.

megan fox


A kiss isn't just a kiss when Ryan Phillippe's lips are behind it.

ryan phillipe


Liv Tyler has perfected the art of sexy pout.

liv tyler

Which celebrity do you think has the sexiest lips?


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