Demi Lovato: Your Dad Needs to Shut Up

lovatoPaging Michael Lohan! You've now got stiff competition for the title of Worst Showbiz Dad.

Patrick Lovato, the estranged father of young Demi  has chosen to speak out about her condition. I'll say it again  .... estranged father. As in, she-doesn't-want-to-have-contact-with-you, get it?

As we all know, the 18-year-old songstress checked herself into rehab for emotional and physical issues. Sounds like it was the right thing to do -- fix the problem (whatever it is) before it spirals out of control.

Papa Lovato opined that it was the pressures of Hollywood that ultimately got to his daughter.

Probably some truth to that, but he won't leave it alone.


His ex-wife asked him to put a plug in it. Several times. She even sent the Disney lawyers after him. And still he keeps running off at the mouth spouting gems things such as: "This is the United States of America, I can talk anytime I want to."

You can, Mr. Lovato. But, really ...  should you? Your daughter is clearly troubled, and if you truly believe that the stress of Hollywood is getting to her, then family blabbing to the press about it will not make it better. Not in the least. It can only make it ten times worse.

So Daddy Dearest, I have two words for you: Lindsay Lohan.

Please be quiet and leave this poor girl alone. Now.

Do you think that Patrick Lovato should shut his trap?

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