David Cassidy DUI Charge: Latest Lame Celebrity Excuse

Shaun Cassidy was on Oprah today as part of her "Teen Heartthrobs: The Lipitor Years" show, but he didn't enjoy his Cassidy Comeback News Focus for long. Now the celebrity sites are buzzing about his older brother David Cassidy, who got popped for DUI in Florida last night. David, for the scene-stealing win!

Cops pulled over the former Partridge Family star last night after observing him weaving between lanes and nearly hitting another car. The trooper who stopped him noticed a boozy aroma around the onetime teen idol and spotted a half-empty bottle of bourbon in the car, which ... yeah, that's pretty much going to get you arrested, right there.

You know, that and the fact that he failed several sobriety tests. And blew a 0.139 and 0.14 on the breathalyzer.


Naturally, Cassidy is protesting his innocence, saying his true blood alcohol content was somehow not properly measured. He'd only had glass of wine at lunch. Oh, and he had some prescription medication and hydrocodone, oopsie. Also, he'd been returning from a funeral, so that's a free pass, right? His rep told TMZ,

He would never jeopardize anyone on the road and he would not have been driving had he not had to go to a funeral.

Man, celebrities have every excuse in the book, don't they? Personally, I find it hard to look at his cockeyed smirking mugshot and think that's the face of a sober, innocent guy who just got slammed with a bunch of unprecedented legal problems.

Between the two aging Cassidys who are randomly back in the news again, let's hope the attention soon goes back to Shaun, who managed to earn it without getting arrested.

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