Shaun Cassidy Still Makes Hearts Da Do Ron Ron

Shaun CassidyShaun Cassidy was on The Oprah Winfrey Show today as part of her Teen Heartthrobs show. And, after all these years, the guy still has that something that makes girls women swoon.

He sang a medley of some of his hits, which took me right back to the very first concert of my life -- Shaun Cassidy, live in Omaha, Nebraska.

A friend's mother took my friend, her sister, and me; and I was beyond thrilled to see the man whose face (ripped from copies of Tiger Beat) was plastered on my bedroom walls in person. I still want to squeal just thinking about it.

When my friend's mom actually caught a drumstick his drummer threw out into the audience, I thought it was a sign we were meant to be ... even though I don't think I was even in kindergarten yet.

Of course, there were three girls in tow, so the drumstick was sawed into three parts leaving me with a stub, but oh, the memories ...


I was more than willing to change my name to Jill (Yes my heart stood still; Yes her name was Jill) or Deanie (from the song "Hey Deanie").

But alas it wasn't meant to be.

Since his days as a teenage heartthrob, he's built a nice life as a family man ... even without me. 

For a living he writes and produces television shows. He and his wife of 10 years, Tracy,  have three young children together: Caleb, Roan, and Lila. They live on two acres in Los Angeles where they raise a host of animals they've taken in from turtles to chickens.

"He's just a family guy to us," Tracey told Oprah. "We go to Little League games. He goes to PTA meetings and volunteers at the school and packs lunches."

All of which makes him that much more dreamy today. I bet those PTA meetings are packed.

Were you in love with Shaun Cassidy? What did you think of his performance on Oprah today?

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