MySpace Heads Towards Social Networking Heaven


Things aren't looking good for MySpace ... you know, that social networking site that everyone used before Facebook came about. Remember? Not only is the social networking site losing tons of money, but the chief operating officer of its parent company wants it to rebound "in quarters, not in years." While Facebook is reaching 500 million members, MySpace has a fickle hundreds of thousands.

Wait, that can't be right. How can that be? MySpace actually has hundreds of thousands of members?


I stopped using MySpace several years ago when every time I checked out a person's profile, I was bombarded with glitter and sparkly font. Seriously, I don't have time to bling out my profile to compete with you all. The animated photo reels, stamps, and song playlists were just too complicated. I think that's why Facebook has succeeded where MySpace hasn't. The whole customization thing intimidated some and was like an acid addiction to others (with about the same psychedelic visual effects as a crazed hallucination). 

MySpace has a ticking clock to turn things around, "We've been clear that MySpace is a problem," COO Chase Carey told Wall Street analysts. "The current losses are not acceptable or sustainable."


Do you still have a MySpace account? Are you surprised to hear that MySpace will probably shut down?


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