Is Bret Michaels Going to Be Miley's Stepdad?

Paging Miley Cyrus: time to whip out the G-strings and bondage gear, sweetie, because no one's going to freak out about your racy outfits this week. Not when everyone's talking about how your mom is banging Bret Michaels, anyway.

The Cyrus clan just can't escape controversy, it seems. The latest news on the surprising Billy Ray/Tish Cyrus split, at least according to Star Magazine, is that it was caused by Miley's mom hooking up with the king of airbrushed magazine covers himself, Bret Michaels. Reportedly Michaels became close to the family when he released the duet "Nothing to Lose" with Miley back in February, and he began a secretive affair with Tish shortly thereafter.

Well, I don't know about this particular scuttlebutt—Star isn't exactly known for its relentless truth-telling. Let's look at the so-called facts, according to one of those always-reliable "sources":


Tish was seen at Michaels' Feburary 28 show in L.A. OMFG STOP THE PRESSES THEY ARE TOTALLY DOING IT.

Michaels once asked Tish's production company to help adapt his book into a movie. SO incriminating! The book was probably PORN!

Tish is just Michaels' type: skinny, big boobs, blonde hair. How exotic and unusual! Yes, this proves it, CASE CLOSED.

Who knows if there's any truth to the rumors, and really, the only thing I want to know about when it comes to Bret Michaels' love life is whether or not he ever takes off that freaking bandana.

What's your call on this celebrity dirt—believable, or just plain B.S.?


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