6 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moms

tish cyrus miley cyrus
Tish & Miley Cyrus
Poor Miley Cyrus! As if your parents getting divorced wasn’t bad enough, now she has to contend with the whole world having a mental image of her mom, Tish, getting it on with Bret Michaels.
And you thought your mom was embarrassing when she picked you up at a school dance wearing your dad’s winter hat.

But Tish Cyrus is far from the only embarrassing pop-culture mom. It’s enough to make you long for Shirley MacLaine in Postcards From the Edge, yelling, “I didn’t lift my dress, it TWIRLED UP!”* Here are some other doozies from recent memory.


It’s hard to blame her, since she changed the child’s diapers, but Cher said in a recent Vanity Fair interview that she has a very hard time remembering to call Chaz Bono “he” instead of “she,” despite his gender reassignment surgery.

gloria james lebron james
LeBron James
is one of the best players in basketball. His move from Cleveland to Miami dominated headlines this year. Know what else dominated headlines? The pervasive rumor that his mom had sex with his teammate. May or may not be true, but even the possibility -- Gloria James is known for being a little off the wall anyway, like the time she scolded a player who fouled her son -- is enough to make a guy go, “MooooOOOM!”

dina lohanDina Lohan. The mom who masterminded her daughter Lindsay's rise to fame got into a dust-up over Fudgie the Whale. She used her daughter's "black card" from Carvel Ice Cream -- a non-transferable celebrity perk for free frozen treats. When a store employee objected and confiscated the card, Dina called 911. Because that's life-threatening. 

shawntia hardaway
R&B singer Mario was brought up on charges that he assaulted his mom, Shawntia Hardaway, last month ... but she dropped them after saying she was drunk at the time. His lawyer says she’s battling a devastating addiction. I say that may be true ... but it’s still embarrassing.

Jaid Barrymore
Drew Barrymore
is the sweetest person ever, says everyone who's ever met her. And then there's her mom, Jaid. She had her wee tot out on the party circuit instead of in middle school; Drew stopped talking to her at age 17 -- and though they've tried to reconnect since, it's never worked out.

*I couldn’t find the clip on YouTube. Rent it. So awesome.

Are we all doomed to become embarrassing moms -- or are some more embarrassing than others?

Image via Tish Cyrus/Facebook; Bruce Tuten/Flickr; Stephen Dunn/Getty; Lohan House; Stephan Shugerman/Getty; Evan Agostini/Getty

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