Taylor Swift 'Speak Now' Album: What Will the Songs Sound Like in 50 Years?

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift better thank her lucky blonde ringlet stars that she's a cute girl, because if she wasn't, she wouldn't be writing about all of those boys that she's been kissing on since high school, and in turn, not have song material for Speak Now, her hit album that sold over a million copies in its first week. Most teen girls have a diary -- she has a record deal.

Remnants of her, ahem, "relationships" with Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Joe Jonas will forever live in the lyrics of her songs. But as we all know, looks fade away like the teardrops on her guitar.

So, when she's old and gray, I'd imagine her album tracks looking a little more like this:

  • Mean Old Man
  • You're Dead to Me
  • I Just Can't See You Anymore
  • Make This a Good One, 'Cuz It'll Be My Last
  • Growing Old With You
  • Back When We Were Young & Pretty
  • I Forget Why I Love You (Damn Alzheimer's)
  • Last Breath
  • You Swept Me Off My Walker

Think Taylor will still be able to write songs when she's old and gray? Can you come up with any funny titles she may write?


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