'DWTS' Results Show Recap: Big Night for Palin Lovers

It was a tense night in more ways than one for the results show for the seventh episode of Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars.

Interspersed with Taylor Swift, 200th episode superlatives, and Rod Stewart were the election results from Massachusetts. But, as the newscasters kept reiterating, you are here to hear about the results of Dancing With the Stars, not the Massachusetts governor race.

The Palins probably had two reasons to celebrate last night. Their election results were (mostly) what they wanted and their daughter was safe to dance again. Of course, there was some drama, but I'll get to that later.

In the end, it was the beautiful, tall, gorgeous-smiled Rick Fox who was kicked to the curb.

Come again?


Yes, in typical Season 11 fashion, Kurt Warner wasn't even in the bottom three. Instead, Kyle Massey, Bristol Palin, and Fox were there.

Yes, that would be Kyle Massey, the one who did his best dance of the season last night and finally got the judges to notice him.

I don't get this season at all.

Kurt Warner is by far the worst dancer left (although you could convince me that honor should go to Bristol, too).

In some ways, Bristol staying makes sense: she is sweet and vulnerable and I spend a lot of the show just kind of wanting to hug her. But Kurt ... ugh. Kurt is just annoying. His whole "I can't dance sensually with anyone but my wife" basically made me think he was a giant brown noser and he seriously can't move. Send the guy home, please America! What are you thinking?

Voters in the US make strange decisions. I think that was pretty obvious both on DWTS and on CNN last night. People make decisions that are hard to get. And sending Rick Fox home was one of them.

Ciao, hot, hot Fox. It was too soon.

Did you think Rick Fox deserved to go?


Image via ABC

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