Celebrity Moms Get Out to Vote & Want You to Vote, Too

This celebrity mom voted. Did you?
Jessica Alba, Christina Applegate, Holly Robinson Peete, Denise Richards, Cindy Crawford -- all these celebrity moms and many others are talking up the vote this Election Day. They're not only getting out to vote, they're tweeting the fact that they're voting, and reminding others to vote, too.

(Only one celeb mom that we found can't find her polling place. Can you guess who?)

See what some of our favorite celebrity moms have to say this Election Day 2010.


Election Day 2010 Tweets From Celebrity Moms

Jessica Alba pines away for an "I Voted" sticker:

"I filled out my absentee ballot - wish I got he 'I voted' sticker. Post pix of yours so I can live vicariously through u"

Actress and expecting mama Christina Applegate doesn't play when it comes to getting out the vote:

"Have you voted today? Do it!!!"

Denise Richards either:

"good morning!! get out and VOTE !!!!"

Oh boy, Real Housewives of New York Kelly Bensimon appears to be a little lost this Election Day:

"Where can i vote around 20th and 5th?"

Voting makes Sherri Shepherd of The View hungry (me too, Sherri, me too):

"Just finished filling out my ballot - boy making a difference makes me hungry!"

Cindy Crawford did it. Did you?

"Just finished casting my vote! If you haven't already -- get out there!"

Actress Jenna Elfman can't wait to vote:

"Y'all gonna vote today? I am! :)" (And she did! That's her photo up above ...)

Lisa Rinna got her vote on today:


Ricki Lake has just one message for you this Election Day:

"Vote vote vote."

Singer Michelle Branch talks straight about voting:

"Please vote today (otherwise you have no right to complain!) :)"

Ex-Full House star Jodie Sweetin is thrilled about voting:

"Yay! Just voted! Make sure you do too!"

Child actress Soleil Moon Frye took her kids to the polls:

"Just took my girls with me to vote! Never too early."

And Holly Robinson Peete reminds us that voting is an important privilege:

"Unless you were a white adult male at one point in this country, you weren't considered important enough vote ... So do it today!"

Moms are totally getting their vote on this Election Day! Are you one of them?

Did you get out and vote today?


Image via Jenna Elfman

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