Meet Team Charlie Sheen

Charlie SheenWe all have our supporters -- those select people we can lean on or call no matter what kind of crazy antics we've managed to do.

Charlie Sheen just so happens to consistently find himself in these situations -- and his support group undoubtedly has the patience and forgiveness worthy of sainthood.

So who makes up this group of Charlie's Angels?


Martin Sheen: We can always count on good ol' mom and dad, can't we? In Charlie's case, it's daddy Martin Sheen who's coming to the rescue. Martin is supposedly planning an intervention for his son to "separate him from his environment" and get him back into rehab.

Robert Downey, Jr.: Charlie's bud has been there, done that, and though the former party boy admits that fateful night at the Plaza Hotel was probably one helluva party, he does offer the downward spiraling actor some wise advice: Don't get arrested. I'm sure Charlie's response to that is From your lips to God's ears, Rob.

Denise Richards: Even though the meltdown happened merely hours after he had left his ex-wife and their two children from a family outing, Denise still took the high road. She came to his aid at the hospital and refused to discuss details from that night, out of respect for him. Wow.

His Bosses: Clearly, Charlie is untouchable in that nothing he does will get him fired. Ever. He's had domestic abuse issues, drug problems, rehab ... the list goes on. Yet he still manages to make that $1.25 million per episode for Two and a Half Men.

If you were Charlie Sheen's family or friend, would you still be able to support him after everything he's done?


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