Kim Kardashian Broke Her Toe (It's True!)

kardashianExtra! Extra! It's Election Day. Fifty people were killed in Baghdad blasts. A plague is threatening the lives of 50 million goats and sheep in southern Africa.

So what's the story that seems to be getting the most play in today's news?

Kim Kardashian broke her toe.

Yup. A tragedy for both the comely Ms. K and the fractured digit -- I give you that. The rest of us remained (reasonably) healthy as we breathlessly awaited updates on the subject. And we weren't disappointed. They came. And they came. And they came.


First up ...  the original Kardashian tweet: "I knew my clumsiness would catch up with me at some point! I tripped on a suit case on the floor and broke my toe :-(”

Chaos ensued.

EOnline weighed in with this: "This little piggy went all the way to the hospital."

Not to be outdone, PopCrunch had another interpretation of the incident: "Call it a close encounter of the stylish kind: Kim Kardashian has suffered a broken toe."

Some, like mused on just where the incident sat on the Tragedy Meter:
Kim Kardashian has suffered from what can only be described as a first world problem. While staying in a hotel in New York City, Kimmy K has broken her toe after she fell over a suitcase!
But really sounded the alarm with this blaring headline: "Kardashian in agony over broken toe."

Oh no! Can this possibly be worse than I thought?

Next AOL's PopEater studied the potential repercussions:
Kim Kardashian's famous derriere is no longer her only body part making headlines. The reality star may have to forgo her trademark sky-high heels, having recently broken her toe.
Then, finally, a PopEater update on her condition:
At least Kim's tummy is happy despite her toe being 'an unusual shade of purple.' The star tweeted, 'Thank you hotel staff for the little chocolate snack on my pillow! Turn down service is everything... Sometimes milk chocolate makes everything better!'
Phew. I think she's gonna make it.

Finally, a blogger over at conducted a reader poll: "Do you feel sorry for Kim and her broken toe?"

So what about you? Do you feel sorry for Kim and her broken toe?

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