Demi Lovato Enters Rehab: Is Mickey Mouse Club to Blame?

demi lovatoSinger-actress Demi Lovato isn't saying why she left the Jonas Brothers' concert tour for rehab, but of course her fans are already speculating as to what ails her.

The juiciest story on the rumor mill? That Lovato, 18, had a physical altercation with her ex Joe Jonas' new girlfriend, Twilight's Ashley Greene (who came along for the tour).

But a source close to the star offered this explanation:

[In the past she] fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting .... Demi is taking control by getting help.

Might this be a good time to point out that Lovato is far from the first former Mickey Mouse Club-era star to find their way to a treatment center?


Britney Spears entered rehab in 2007 -- but not before a very public meltdown (two words: buzz cut). Allegedly, the former MMC star checked herself in (a few times) after Kevin Federline threatened to initiate a custody battle over their two sons if she didn't get help. The press never learned exactly why she had entered the facility, although there were plenty of rumors pointing to alcohol addiction, drug abuse, and postpartum depression.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but it's hard to ignore the connecting thread of these two troubled actresses: Is the Mickey Mouse Club, or, more specifically, the fact that it launched the careers of these young stars to blame for all the drama?

Perhaps the burden of celebrity along with the relentless pressure to compete against and compare themselves with other talented stars at such a young age really takes a psychological toll on these young stars. Or, it's possible that these stars were so eager to shed the squeaky clean goody-two-shoes Disney image that they tried to be an adult before they were ready.

Regardless of the reason, our thoughts are with Demi in this difficult time.

Do you think The Mickey Mouse Club is to blame for young stars getting into trouble?


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