'DWTS' Recap: How Do I Love Thee, DVR?

The seventh episode of Dancing With the Stars Season 11 was the 200th episode of the show ever. It should come as no surprise that the producers milked that for all it was worth.

Mel B. was there! Kelly Osbourne was there! Gilles Marini was there! It was a regular red carpet event with a premise that was somewhat intriguing: each current couple re-created a favorite dance from the past and was judged by the former contestant who performed it originally. "The iconic dance" they called it.

Of course they called it that.

It made for good, albeit long, TV. Seriously, the people at DWTS know how to milk a theme. By hour two it gets old and I'm viewing my DVR with almost godlike reverence.


It was Brandy who delivered the best dance of the evening. She has been an interesting story this season because her first few dances were not interesting at all. Now all of a sudden, she has emerged with sizzle and aplomb to be possibly the most intriguing dancer, or "relentless eroticism," as Bruno (so disgustingly) shared.

Jennifer Grey was back with a vengeance this week and delivered a very strong tango. Nevertheless, she's either a massive drama queen or has a weak body. It's unclear what the real problem is, but she cries and cries to the point where it's obvious that even Derek Hough, her partner, is annoyed with her.

The woman can dance, but I'm not sure I want to see her win because good lord, she is annoying. I seem to recall reading back in the 1980s there were rumors that she was a diva and that Patrick Swayze was annoyed.

I now believe them. Because seriously, is she really whining this much about the nearly $1 million she's going to take home for less than 3 months of work?

Kyle Massey was also a big surprise tonight because, although I have said in the past that he isn't someone I know or care to know, he did dance a strong Paso Doble last night set to "Free Your Mind."

Both Kurt Warner and Rick Fox danced well, but neither blew my socks off. What was impressive was the moment where Eliza Dushku came into the rehearsal room and danced with Rick. Hot.

Jennifer and Brandy topped the leader board, but I wonder if Jennifer will be voted off just for being annoying.

Nah, probably not. Wishful thinking. My money is on Kurt Warner (again) this week.

Who do you think will go home?

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