Hollywood Halloween: Who Was Scary and Who Went as Snooki?!

Halloween costumes are no problem for celebs who have an army of makeup and hair people at their disposal.

Do I sound jealous? I probably do. Because I am!

What I wouldn't give to have a Hollywood-level Halloween army at my disposal every October 31. But alas, I don't. I have to make do with store bought costumes and homemade makeup tricks.

We can all still enjoy the celebrity costumes in all their glory, though. And what a night it was. Here are some highlights:






Heidi Klum got the party started in style. She wore a red-and-purple Transformers-like robot outfit that comes on the heels of her past fabulous costumes that have included the Garden of Eden, a cat, and a crow (see above):

Ashanti went sexy in her kitty getup, complete with fishnet hosiery (like all good cats wear, natch) and leopard print everything else. Meow! A photo:

Kim Kardashian went as Little Red Riding Hood. Part cute, part sick. Not sure how to feel about the costume itself, but Kim looked bootylicious as always:

Ice-T and his wife Coco went all medical and professional and looked a little like a porn-inspired clip from Coco's Anatomy. If my nurse looked like that, I would definitely ask for a new one because, clearly, with a doctor like that and a nurse like THAT, there would not be a lot of medicine practiced:

Jodie Sweetin and her two little girls rocked a group family costume, which is always a personal favorite. Sweetin is the witch, her older daughter is Snow White, and the baby is the apple. Hands down, my winner is them!

Melissa Rycroft was sporting the baby bump and the Snooki poof all at the same time. Most excellent use of pregnancy!

Jamie Lee Curtis proved she still has it going on in her cheerleader outfit. Too cute!

What do you make of the celeb costumes?


Images via Getty and Facebook

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