James Franco Makes Wimpy Movie Audience Vomit, Faint

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see 127 Hours. It's a film directed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, based on the gripping story of Aron Ralston, the 26-year-old hiker whose arm got trapped by a boulder while hiking alone in Utah in May of 2003.

If you don't want any movie spoilers, stop reading now, but most of you probably remember what happened next: after five excruciating days, Ralston made the horrific decision to amputate his own arm to escape with his life.

The screenplay is by Simon Beaufoy, who previously collaborated with Danny Boyle on Slumdog Millionaire. Beaufoy says it's not so much the physical crisis that makes the movie compelling, but the emotional transformation Ralston (who is played by Extreme Hottie James Franco) went through.

Still, the movie does show the critical moment of Ralston chopping off his own arm. Boyle says this of the scene,


We based it very, very closely on what is in the book. In reality it took him over 40 minutes and involved a series of plateaus of pain that he had to live through; but most importantly, it was a passage way to something else. It was a delivery to life again ... a doorway, a portal to being reborn, really. Aron describes it as an ecstasy of feeling that he is driven through and you have to try to capture that in cinema. It is exhilarating. It is disturbing and overwhelming, but exhilarating as well.

Well, apparently UK moviegoers were really feeling the "disturbing" side of 127 Hours last night, because paramedics had to be called to a premiere after some people started fainting. According to a witness, one man got up to leave and barfed in the aisle.

I find this ...  fairly bizarre. I mean, people turn out to see those awful Saw movies in droves, but a dramatic moment of incredible personal bravery makes someone keel over in a pool of their own hork? WIMPS, I SAY.

Do you think the sight of an incredibly handsome actor pretending to hack away at his own arm with a dull camping knife while special-effects blood spurts all over the place is enough to make you pass out? And if so, will you promise not to come to the theater the same night as me? I really, really hate the smell of barf.

Image via Fox Searchlight

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