Top 10 Sexiest Hollywood Bad Boys

charlie sheenNo matter how many times Charlie Sheen goes to rehab or gets caught naked with porn stars or threatens his ex-wife with a knife, he'll still have a host of adoring fans admiring his scruffy looks and beefcake-y physique.

That's because -- for women who love bad boys -- hardcore partying, mistreatment of the opposite sex, and overall outlandish behavior (for some inexplicable reason) increase the sex appeal of Hollywood's leading men.

Here's a list of 10 sexy celebrity bad boys who are fun to fantasize about even if they're not boyfriend material.


jesse jamesJesse James may have (very publicly) cheated on his wife with a variety of mistresses, but that hasn't stopped him from being popular with all the ladies.


robert downey jr.

Robert Downey Jr.'s history of substance abuse, arrest, rehab, relapse, and prison is well-known to fans; that only makes the comeback of this handsome and talented actor all the more sweeter.


t.i.After being released from prison earlier this year where he was serving time for weapons charges, T.I. got himself in trouble all over again when he was arrested on charges in September. Sexy and bad? Yes. Smart? The jury's still out.


jude law

Jude Law's name is practically synonymous with "cheater" after he slept with the nanny while married to the mother of his three children and later cheated on Sienna Miller. Yet women continue to swoon.



Eminem's about as bad as they come, but his willingness to come clean about his sordid past makes him (almost) lovable.


johnny depp

Is Johnny Depp really bad? Or just really mysterious? Yes and yes!


colin farrell

Colin Farrell may be cleaning up his act now, but the talented actor will forever be remembered for his filthy mouth and filthy sex and drug habits.


russell brand

Now we think of Russell Brand as Mr. Katy Perry; but the comedian and actor used to be notorious for being drunk and high 24/7 -- which is likely why he got fired from so many jobs.


christian bale

His leaked angry tirade on the set of Terminator Salvation was chill-inducing, but Christian Bale showed us that what doesn't kill you only makes you sexier.

Who is your favorite Hollywood bad boy?


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