'Thriller' Video and Other Halloween Video Scares

In two days, the ghouls, witches, and zombies will be coming out to play, but getting in the mood for Halloween thrills and scares can sometimes be tricky

Some people (like me!) rent terrifying movies and launch all-night thrill marathons, while others take a subtler, more MTV approach. Music videos can be a great way to get the thrill (pun intended) without the relentless gore and terror.

The years when Halloween falls on a weekend are by far the best, so get your party started early by watching the Michael Jackson Thriller video and other Halloween-themed music videos:


Michael Jackson wasn't the only celebrity to embrace his darker side. Here are some others who also rock the scary video vibe:

Howl at the moon with Shakira in her She-Wolf video:

Rihanna's Disturbia is like a bad dream or a childhood nightmare. The stuff horror dreams are made of:

Warning: This one is terrifying. Marilyn Manson outdid himself with Sweet Dreams:

Sound Garden's Black Hole Sun video was the stuff of my adolescent nightmares:

Rockwell sang Somebody's Watching Me and creeped us all out with the video:

Creepy, bizarre, and awesome. If you have come this far, allow the Pumpkin Dance to Ghostbusters to be my way of saying have a happy, happy, happy Halloween:

Happy Halloween! 

What do you watch to get in the mood?


Image via YouTube

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