Celebrities & Halloween: Does Suri Cruise Go Trick or Treating?

Here's what I'm wondering: how does Halloween work for celebrity kids?

We've all seen the adorable pictures of A-lister kids wearing costumes ... but where do they go, all dressed up? I mean, do they walk from Hollywood mansion to mansion, knocking on gold-filigreed security gates, shouting "trick or treat!" into the intercom? While paparazzi follow behind?

Do celebrities hand out candy? Is it, like, velvet Gucci bags of sea salt-crusted dark chocolate caramels? Or do stars buy the same jumbo bag of on-sale Smarties the rest of us do?


Is Suri Cruise really going to wear a $6,000 princess costume? What if she gets a candy apple stuck to it? (Not that she will, as I can only assume from photos of her that she has an invisible force field around her at all times that keeps mustard and dirt and chocolate milk off her immaculate little outfits.)

Does anyone in Hollywood ever dress their kid like someone else in Hollywood, or would that create some kind of rip in the space-time continuum?

Are any of the kids actually allowed to eat candy? Or are they all on low-carb diets?  Do celebrity parents ever go through their kids' stash after bedtime in order to steal all the mini Kit Kats? Do they watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown in their home theaters? Do celebrity toddlers ever pitch a last-minute fit because even though they said they wanted to be a cowboy all month, now they want to be Buzz Lightyear WAHHHH?

So many questions, really. But in all seriousness, do you think celebrity kids get to have a normal Halloween experience at all?

Image via Twitter

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