Anna Nicole Smith Trial: Her Sleazy Boyfriend Gets What He Deserves

pillsWhen celebrity mom Anna Nicole Smith had her own reality show, I found it hard to watch. Yeah, me -- the woman who secretly hoards episodes of Hoarders -- drew the line when it came to Anna Nicole. It was just a matter of time that her horribly sad life would come to a horribly sad end, and I wanted to kick the butts of the hangers-on who were obviously exploiting her fame.

Well, today the chicken came home to roost. Smith’s lawyer/boyfriend Howard K. Stern, and her psychiatrist, Khristine Eroshevich, were found guilty of several criminal counts, adding up to this: they conspired to give prescription drugs to a known addict, using illegal tactics. A third defendant, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, was cleared of all counts.

I just wish she’d broken free of them before her daughter Danielynn had to lose her mom.


Smith seemed like a funny, raucous, glamorous creature when she wasn’t stoned. In the same episode of her show, she could appear totally normal, and then really whacked-out. After the show was cancelled, her life spiraled downward. Her 20-year-old son died in September 2006, and Smith was gone by March 2007. A list compiled of the drugs she was on came to 44 substances, among them Klonopin, Topomax, Valium, Soma, and a powerful sedative called chloral hydrate.

The defendants in the case insisted they just got the drugs because Smith was so sad over her son’s death (also of an overdose of illegally obtained drugs). But the dosages were so high, at least one pharmacist refused to fill them and reported her doctors to authorities. Is that help?

It brought to mind Lisa Marie Presley’s recent interview with Oprah, in which she said Michael Jackson was pulled out of their marriage by bloodsucking hangers-on bent on keeping him away from anyone who wanted him to stay off drugs -- because they wanted to exploit him.

I’m haunted by two videos of Smith -- this one, of her in the bathtub with her baby. Yeah, she seems out of it, and yeah, I’d like to be there to make sure the baby’s okay. But she’s also a mom in the tub with her daughter -- just a mom, with her daughter. I want to take the drugs out of her system and let them be together like me and my daughters.

The second video was made a few months earlier; in it, a clearly woozy Smith, pregnant and with crooked clown makeup on, is told by Stern that the tape will get them “mon-neyyyy.” Oh. Gross.

If you have a not-great childhood, and a weakness for mind-altering substances, and then you become famous, it seems like a really dangerous combination. Is it dangerous to be a celebrity, especially if you become an addict? It sure seems that way.

Maybe now Anna Nicole can rest in peace. 

Do you think Anna Nicole Smith died because the people around her wanted to keep her addicted?


Image via Emuishere Peliculas/Flickr

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