Charlie Sheen Escort Capri Anderson Isn't a Hooker! (Uh, She's a Porn Star)

Good news, Charlie Sheen fans! Capri Anderson, the woman who was in Charlie's hotel room early Tuesday morning before he had that unfortunate allergic reaction, isn't a prostitute after all! Why, she's just a simple hardworking porn star he reportedly ordered from a service to the tune of $12,000.

And you thought she sold sex for money! Doy. is reporting that Sheen was at Daniel restaurant with his assistant Rick and two male friends when he ordered girls for everyone. Hey, what a guy! Some buddies might just order a round of drinks, but not Charlie Sheen!


Capri, whose real name is Christina Walsh, said she got the call one hour before getting together with Sheen. At some point in the evening they apparently retired to Sheen's hotel room—although not before Capri posed for a photo with Charlie's ex-wife Denise Richards— and that's where things got nasty. (Well, nastier, anyway.)

Capri reportedly asked for payment before they got naked, and when Charlie couldn't find his wallet, he went ballistic and trashed the room. According to Capri, she was made "extremely afraid" by Sheen's crazypants behavior, and hid in the bathroom while he whaled on the door.

Capri has now contacted a lawyer, natch. After all, she never got that $12 grand! And it's not like you can retire on sex tapes alone, right?

In conclusion, 1) jeez, this story just keeps getting worse, and 2) please enjoy this incredibly awesome, if apparently slightly inaccurate, Taiwanese video interpretation of the night's events:

Image via Facebook

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