10 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Reality Television

TV AddictUnscripted, outrageous, shocking, horrifying, and utterly compelling, reality television has changed the entertainment game forever.

From poignant looks inside people's lives to insanity-filled trainwrecks (anyone remember Temptation Island?), there's a series that covers almost any scenario, topic, or situation (even THE Situation).

They can provide a nice escape from one's own reality and make you feel a lot better about your life.

But for some, they can also take over one's life.

Here are 10 signs you might have a serious problem with reality television:


1. One DVR isn't enough to record all of "your shows."

2. You feel like you're friends with the cast of your favorite shows and refer to them as such in conversation. "One time, my friend Snooki ... "

3. You refuse to answer your phone, e-mail, and any communication from other humans until you're able to see the finale of your favorite show. The suspense must not be ruined.

4. Before your child's birth, you asked for a list of cable channels available in the hospital ... and if, just maybe, there would be a television in the labor and delivery room?

5. "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" is your phone's ring tone.

6. You actually use your Jersey Shore nickname.

7. You have developed a sudden urge to flip tables when you're angry and start brawling when you're irritated.

8. You try to organize secret alliances in your neighborhood or at work and give them names like "Chilltown."

9. When a friend wants to be set up, you start listing all the former bachelors and bachelorettes who didn't find love on television.

10. You act as if the cameras are rolling even when you're completely alone. You never know!

Are you addicted to reality television?


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